It’s like the part was made for us!

We’re just what you’re looking for! BOW! (Box Office for Windows) is a stand-alone Box Office software package with features and capabilities found in commercial ticket network services charging $10,000.00 and more (and that’s just for starters!). BOW! is a complete, menu-driven system, operating on inexpensive, readily available hardware. It is easy to learn, simple to use and prints tickets faster than you can make a change. No fuss, no tinkering, it arrives in days, specifically pre-configured for your venue.

So, what about that $10,000.00? Read on …

BOW! is built on more than 15 years of research and development … in the field!  It is the sum knowledge and expertise of over 1,000 Box Office Managers around the world! It’s the fastest, most accurate, most reliable box office software you’ll find.

… It’s simply the best there is!

Along with high speed processing of ticket sales, automatic best seat selection, reservations, subscriptions, accounts, reconciliations, reports, season renewals, interactive color seat map presentations and a multitude of other talents, BOW! Systems contain the most sophisticated Patron Information Management available. We know how important marketing is to your continued success in today’s economy. BOW! gives you the tools and the information you need to identify your audience, qualify your sales prospects, decide marketing strategies, generate season mailings, prepare telemarketing lists and much more.

Our only product is computer ticketing software.  Our expertise is Box Office Management. We’ve worked in box offices. We’ve managed theatres. We know the theatre inside-out. And we love it. Most importantly, we know what you’re talking about if you have a question.

BOW! Systems are distributed by BOW! Ticketing Systems in Toronto, Canada. Our price is the best anywhere. Our clients pay a one-time license fee. Software is shipped via UPS at no extra cost. Canadian orders are subject to GST, but not PST. The total cost of a Box Office Professional System package is $1595 for venues up to 500 seats. Larger venues pay more – contact us for a quote – you will be impressed!  (yes we offer discounts for educational and non-profit clients). Ticket blanks are very inexpensive – check our on-line Ticket Store for prices. Add it all up for yourself. It’s just plain cheaper than printing conventional hard-card tickets. Most venues have paid for the software and start to save money after the first seven months of use. No annual service fees (your software support is paid for through your ticket purchases), no equipment rental.  And it’s Network Ready! You can use it at one ticket terminal or ten. Seems fair, doesn’t it?

What? You’ve already spent a bundle on box office software? It’s a shame you didn’t find us first. But, you’re in luck. We can offer you a very attractive “Trade-Up” to our Box Office Professional Systems! Oh, and when you ask for a price quote, be certain to let us know if your organization is a public charity, a community service club or an educational institution.

Or do you have $10,000.00 you’d like to get rid of?

Here is a link to our Demonstration Package. You’re welcome to give BOW! a try. Go ahead, enjoy. It will give you a taste of what the BOW! System has to offer. Start to imagine the many ways we can work with you to improve your entertainment ventures. We do ask that you post an E-Mail through the form below to let us know where you are, what venue, that sort of thing.