Yoga is not a new concept to any of us. Right from the 60s, this Indian practice has gained a mainstream fan following of sorts. Thanks to its many benefits, with each decade more and more people, are choosing this practice as a way of life or simply a nice workout option. Although yoga was practised in a certain form many thousands of years ago, the advent of technology has slightly changed the way we practice yoga today. While the essence of the movements, techniques, poses and asanas remain the same, there are a lot of technology-led products that promise to help improve this experience.

From something as simple as a home workout video to more tech-savvy products like smart mats, there is no shortage of tech products that promise to improve your yoga experience. Check out the list we’ve compiled.

5 Minute Yoga – Yoga App

In an ideal world, we all would have the time we needed to take care of our daily workout routines without any hurry. Sadly, in this world, we always have someplace we have to be. If you are always in a time crunch, going to a yoga class regularly may be a challenge. In such a scenario, the 5 Minute Yoga app has the perfect solution. Just like the name suggests, this app only needs five minutes to complete each task. 

This means that even the smallest or shortest of breaks will do for practising your poses and staying on top of your game. The apps easy to follow routines can make sure you get the benefits of yoga without any substantial time investment. Additionally, there are many other apps in the market that will help you keep in touch with your Yoga practice on the go. Others will help you in specific conditions (pregnancy, adolescence) or for targeting a specific problem (stress, relaxation, sleep trouble).

Nadi X Leggings – Smart Yoga Clothing

We all enjoy wearing the right gear to workout. Not only is this a prerequisite to ensure maximum mobility, but it also ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable or injure yourself. In today’s technologically developed world, there is an entirely new range of clothes that are known as smart clothes. Now, thanks to the brand called Wearable Experiments, there is a pair of tights that can help you keep track of your form while practising yoga. This garment uses small electronic sensors embedded into the fabric at strategic points to keep tabs on your movements. Here you can see the best usage of yoga clothing

These sensors send information that is scanned to evaluate the wearer’s pose and posture. By vibrating, these leggings guide you to nail the position and perform your asana extremely perfect. When you get it right, your pants will also let out an ‘Om’ sound to let you know you’ve performed well.

SmartMat – Yoga Mat

In some ways, the Smart May is still in its nascent stages, as it isn’t available for mass production as yet. However, within a few short years, we will surely see a rise in the demand for this product.

This cool and innovative mat takes Yoga tech to another level with its ingenuity and uniqueness.

This product is easily the world’s first smart yoga mat. It comes with inbuilt intelligent sensors that are sensitive to movement performed on top of the mat. This means that your balance, posture, speed and even alignment can be easily tracked and evaluated. The Smart Mat does precisely this. It gathers the information about the most important tags and sends them to the app. This app further evaluates the data to understand where you can improve and teaches you how to get to the point of perfection with your asanas.