Internet ticketing is included with BOW System 8!

Total integration of on-line ticket sales with your regular box office operations. Sell tickets to your events in your venue on the Internet.

They’re YOUR seats – YOU should sell them.

Every month, thousands of patron’s trust BOW-net! to deliver convenient E-Ticket service with service rates that are only a fraction of those charged by large multi-national on-line ticket service agencies.

BOW-net! puts YOU in charge. YOU control the ticket inventory. YOU finalize the sale. YOU collect the money. YOU gather that valuable patron information and YOU deliver total patron satisfaction. 

Box Office for Windows works with this integrated companion application to control the sale of tickets to your events on line.

With BOWnet! YOU are in charge.

BOW-net! features include:

  • You determine what seats should be offered for sale on-line.
  • On-line inventory can be easily adjusted – add seats or take them away as required.
  • Operates as an extension of the BOW! (Box Office for Windows) System.
  • Allows patron to select his own seats.
  • Automatic email confirmation of patron’s on-line ticket purchase to the patron and to your box office manager.
  • Regular synchronization between your box office computer and your Internet Box Office transfers sales information to your BOW! System for purchase approval and ticket issuing.
  • All sales require YOUR approval eliminating bogus charges, hoaxes and pranks.
  • Integration of on-line patron information into the regular BOW! Patron Database.
  • Allows you to offer VIP (Very Important Patron) status to your best customers streamlining their ticket purchase process.
  • VIP Patrons may be offered a variety of payment options – again – YOU are in charge.