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Internet ticketing is included with BOW System 8!

Total integration of on-line ticket sales with your regular box office operations. Sell tickets to your events in your venue on the Internet.

They're YOUR seats - YOU should sell them.

Every month, thousands of patron's trust BOW-net! to deliver convenient E-Ticket service with service rates that are only a fraction of those charged by large multi-national on-line ticket service agencies.

BOW-net! puts YOU in charge. YOU control the ticket inventory. YOU finalize the sale. YOU collect the money. YOU gather that valuable patron information and YOU deliver total patron satisfaction. 

Box Office for Windows works with this integrated companion application to control the sale of tickets to your events on line.

With BOW-net! YOU are in charge.

BOW-net! features include:

BOW-net! Demonstration Website
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BOW-net! runs on BOW! Ticketing Systems' secure servers with seamless integration to your existing web site.

BOW-net! allows seasonal theatre operations to offer box office services all year round.

BOW-net! provides you with an on-line box office presence 24 hours a day.

BOW-net! allows you to offer internet sales to all of your events giving you a presence which until now has been the domain of larger venues.

Technical Requirements:

BOW-net! requires internet service on the box office server computer. Although simple dialup access will work for smaller venues high speed service (DSL, Cable or Satellite) is highly recommended.

BOW-net! is designed as an extension of Canadian Theatre Software’s BOW! (Box Office for Windows) and will not function with any other software package.

Bottom line?

There is an initial set-up/licensing fee and a choice of surcharge plans that makes BOW-net! easy to add.  As with all our products, there are no annual license renewals, “help” charges or “maintenance” upgrade costs of any kind. You’ll receive full support at the BOW! Ticketing Systems web site.


BOW-net! is available as licensed software to new or existing BOW! clients through BOW! Ticketing Systems.

Contact us for pricing information

BOW! Ticketing Systems
BOWTicketing (at) boxpro(dot)net

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